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My gallery pages are an accumulation of many years work especially featuring my fine art and digital art paintings. I've worked in oil, pastel, acrylic, pencil and digital art. My fine art paintings are in private collections throughout the United States. My digital art paintings are in advertising, on book and CD covers, on company logos and in private collections on a worldwide basis.

       Features of this website:

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       My work is on many websites on the Internet. Go to my "Links" page on this website to be directed to them. A lot of you know me by my online names of Coreycupcake or Catmando.

I have an extensive gallery of my newer artworks at my stores:

at Zazzle - Link

and at FineArtAmerica - Link 

where you can buy giclee prints and stretched canvas.

The computer programs I use to make my digital art are:
Vue, Poser, Terragen, Bryce, Daz Studio, Apophysis, AlienSkin - Plugins, Flaming Pear - Plugins, Photoshop, Painter, Universe - Plugins, Universe - Stand Alone, Paint Shop Pro, Strategen and Ultra Fractal.
I am mostly self-taught and have developed my art through the years. As you can see I am interested in portraying a wide variety of subjects. Most artists are devoted to one subject their entire lives. I can't do that because I am interested in so many things. My favorite subjects are beautiful women, handsome men, horses, unicorns, pegasi, outer space and science fiction. And I can't forget the ocean. I love everything about the ocean. The creatures that live in it, the ships and boats that sail on it and the men that work on the sea such as fishermen and sailors.
I'm inspired by the works of Winslow Homer and Frederic Edwin Church and all the wonderful digital artists that we see on the Internet.

"Artist of the Month" in Warren, Michigan in 1986
"Artist of the Month" in Sterling Heights, Michigan in 1987
"Honorable Mention" Award 1986 - Warren Society of Arts
"Honorable Mention" Award 1990 - Warren Society of Arts
"Terragen Silver" Award 2005 - Terranuts Website
"Digital Artworks Gallery" Award 2005 for "White Jasmine" by Digital Artworks Gallery Website
"Terragen Bronze" Award 2006 for "Zaxix" by Terranuts Website
"Honorable Mention" Award 2006 - Redico Art Show
"Outstanding" Award 2006 - Redico Art Show
"Zazzle Showcase Award Winner" 2007 for "The Guardians" by Zazzle Website
"2D Terranuts Award" in 2007 for "Rare Princess" by Terranuts Website
"Zazzle Showcase Award Winner" 2007 for "Dark Passion" by Zazzle Website
"Star of Excellence for Artistic Design" 2009 for "Hawaiian Orchid" by Awesome Zazzlers - Zazzle Website

"Terranuts Showcase Award" 2010 for "Rare Princess" by Terranuts Website

Featured on "The Best of Zazzle Weekly" in 2010 by Squidoo for my

"Ebony Nautilus" Print

Feautured on the front page of Fine Art America in 2010 for "Ebony"

Zazzle Pro-Seller Award 2011

If you see one of my paintings that you like and want it on a particular item just email me on my "Contact the Artist" page and I will make the item for your purchase.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy producing it.

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